The Tenth Circle – Jodi Picoult


385 pages

Published: October 2006

Publisher: Washington Square Press

Genre: Adult Fiction, Comic Books and i would add Science – Crime Fiction

(From Goodreads)


Fourteen-year-old Trixie Stone is in love for the first time. She’s also the light of her father, Daniel’s life — a straight-A student; a pretty, popular freshman in high school; a girl who’s always seen her father as a hero. That is, until her world is turned upside down with a single act of violence. Suddenly everything Trixie has believed about her family — and herself — seems to be a lie. Could the boyfriend who once made Trixie wild with happiness have been the one to end her childhood forever? She says that he is, and that is all it takes to make Daniel, a seemingly mild-mannered comic book artist with a secret tumultuous past he has hidden even from his family, venture to hell and back to protect his daughter.

With The Tenth Circle, Jodi Picoult offers her most powerful chronicle yet as she explores the unbreakable bond between parent and child, and questions whether you can reinvent yourself in the course of a lifetime — or if your mistakes are carried forever.


My Thought:

At the beginning while i read it, i thought that the story of this book is about family’s problem. Daniel, a husband and a father who has a bad story of his past. Laura, Daniel’s wife who has an affair with her student, Seth. And Trixie, their only daughter who, i think has some kind of mental – personality problems.

Those were just at the beginning. As the story goes by, i realized that it’s about biological – crime investigation, the introduction of Yup’ik, from internet i got that it’s Siberian, culture, habits, and romance a little.

In this book, Trixie was raped by her boyfriend, Jason. From this case the investigation starts. Interviews, common lab, until DNA (molecular) lab examination of Trixie’s. Honestly, i wonder if molecular biology text books were written by the illustration of these cases, i would love to read them. I won’t get bored xD

But, before the trial Jason died. The laboratorium examiner told the cops that he was murdered. They suspected Trixie did that because there’s a woman’s blood found in Jason’s, and then hair. And Trixie was missing the night Jason died. Besides, Trixie escaped. When we sure that the murder is Trixie, there are some clues which claim the murder is Daniel and some clues that tell us Laura dit it. Trixie ran away and I think because she saw the ghost of Jason and the cops were looking for her. But did she really do it? If you are thorough (?) enough you can guess who the real murder is. 5 stars i gave it 🙂


I also noted some quotes of The Tenth Circle:

“… the person you were yesterday might not be the person you are tomorrow”

“The process of growing up was nothing than more than figuring out what doors hadn’t yet been slamed in your face”

“Add love, and a person might do something crazy. Add love, and all the lines between right and wrong were bound to disappear”

“How are you going to know who i am, if you don’t look like me?”


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