Pantai Parangtritis & Pantai Depok (Parangtritis & Depok Beach)

I and my friends went to Parangtritis beach on 31 may 2014 for fraternity night of Landscape Architecture Study Club. It was the first time for me to stay overnight at beach. And I thankful that I decided to go there because I saw, it’s like I saw magic. I’ve never seen such beautiful night sky. It was starry with crescent moon. It was enchanting. I could spend the whole night just staring at the sky.

The night sky in Parangtritis is actually like this. I couldn’t take the real picture through my phone. It’s totally black.




with the milkyway like this




I bet that you ever seen the moving star (it’s not falling star like meteor) on tv. I thought that it was edited, but i was wrong. The stars really can move. I saw it. It’s like you’re hallucinating at first because you stared at it for a long time. We can’t see this in the middle of town because of the buildings’ light. So, sometimes it’s good to spend your time in the small village. It’s like you finally found a treasure.


How about Depok Beach? You can see the beautiful night sky in there, too. Beside, there’s a fish market and some small restaurants there. You can buy fresh fishes and other seafoods just like in Baron Beach. The price is quite cheap, too. You can choose which restaurant you want to visit, and of course there are some restaurants with the view like this:

 2014-06-01 07.09.34    2014-06-01 07.33.48

2014-06-01 06.58.35

You can walk by or just enjoy the view while waiting the cooker to serve your foods.


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