Fullmoon Freak ?


I have a weird hobby, if you call it a hobby. Every month there are at least two phase in the moon cycle. You will find the crescent moon and the fullmoon. I love to see the crescent moon, especially at the day of Eid Mubarak last month. As a newly born – moon, it was very beautiful to see with 2 stars near it, the Venus and Jupiter people said.

What i love the most is fullmoon. If I am walking back home after work, I would stop a little while just too stare at the moon or I will stare at it while I’m walking. I had just came from the rooftop of my boarding house, just to see the fullmoon.I took a picture of it, but it’s not as good as the profesionals did. If you stare at the sky tonight, the moon is actually surrounded by shining stars. Actually. We couldn’t see it clearly because of the city lights.

I still remember when I was a kid, I also love to stare at the night sky with the shining stars all over it. At that time, I still can see it clearly even though I live in the city because there are not as much city lights as nowaday’s. I even found fireflies at that time. Hhh… I miss that old time. What I want right now is lay down and enjoy the view of the moon


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