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These days maybe almost every social media were floaded by the news about this flower garden. Amarylis, right?


(Source: Google)

Because of nowadays lifestyle everybody wants to be popular. They took photos at famous places, in Bahasa called “tempat ngehits” and post them on their instagram, path, facebook, twitter. What else? Tumblr? Weheartit? Pinterest? Yeah.. Whatever accounts you have.

The news said that this garden’s damaged because of uhm… an inappropiate act & beahviour of the visitors. My news feed in my facebook were floaded by posts which related to this subject for days. It’s not only my facebook, but my Line and Path, too. At first I take it as a common news publication. I admit it i got some important informations from your posts and I agreed with your opinions. But it’s been 5 days if I count it correctly and there are still many posts about it after I tried not to log in to my account.

I’m not trying to forbid you to speak your mind up, guys. But, really when you post it too many, especially with your angry captions, I think it’s not ‘sharing a news’ anymore. It’s shaming and bullying. Yesterday I even found a its zombie meme.

If you say “Who told you to log in to you FB, Path, bla bla bla?” kind of thing I’ll say I need to get in to my accounts, to get news, to get informations, entertaiments.  If you were in the same position where your timeline is full of my floading posts, you’ll feel annoyed, too, right? Don’t you think by mad at them, shaming them, you also shaming yourself? They wrote something to replied you and you replied it again by posting it? So, what’s the difference between you and them? If you mad at them just scold them directly, not the entire people on your timeline.


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