A little happiness

The day before yesterday, Saturday night, right? I got a video call from my mom. It was a bit weird to see my mom’s face at that time. It’s almost a year I haven’t gone home. I miss her and my Dad. I miss home. My parents, my brothers, and my sister are home. My family is at home, except me.

I suddenly remember, about 4 years ago when I was away from home. I was preparing SNMPTN test at that time. I’ve been away from home for almost 2 months since high school graduation, but it was worth it. See, I am a student of the best university in this country, and I almost graduate.

Last saturday night, my mom told me that Dad had bought a pair of shoes. I asked her “What for?”. Mom said “Of course for your day.”. I knew he was happy. Very. It made me travel to the day of SNMPTN announcement. On that day, I think, It was the first time I saw my parents’ happiness. It wasn’t just happiness, but proud. They are proud of my success to be a student of this university, and now they are proud that I’m going to graduate.

You will know when you have a moment like this that: A true happiness, the best feeling in the world beside being loved by the people you love, is to see your parents happy. And it’s because of you.


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