Our (first) family vacation


Yes, you see it right. This is our first vacation. We’ve never had a family vacation before. Hmm.. I ever gone with my family, but there are only my parents, me, and my brothers that time. I was only 4, so I didn’t count it as a family vacation. Besides, we were only did a registration in imigration.

At first, I felt a bit weird to do this. I’d always wanted a family vacation, but my parents are kind of a workaholic. It made me stop asking them about it. I usually travelling alone or sometimes with my aunty or visiting my friends. So, it’s like a dream came true. We went to Candi Prambanan and Candi Borobudur today. I admit it it was fun when we were at Candi Prambanan because it’s just a small site so I didn’t feel tired.


We also had a little time in Children corner. Please excuse my childish behavior. But, really it was really good to have a moment like this.


When we were in Candi Borobudur, it was really hot. I felt like I was burnt to death and I thought I’d break my leg one more time when we explored it. That was a really big site that I should have an extreme patience to really enjoy and explore this temple. I’m sorry but I really sensitive to sun light and I can’t stand it when the weather was that hot.



As the time flies, I finally can enjoy the moment. We took some photos and I told some things to scare my sister. Well, we like to tease her hahaha.. Actually, I’m exhausted. My body hurt but I didn’t say a thing because I knew my parents felt it, too. This is our first moment so I tried to control my fatigue and my emotions, but.. this is family. There are always fights in it. For us, there is no day without a fight, but it just took some minutes for us to made up. When it’s over, it became nothing. It’s like, it had never happened.



Well, this is our last day. I hope we will have a moment like this next time. And next time. And so on..


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