One Night Stand in Ubud

20160227_111922Last Satruday, I and Melisa went to Ubud. Actually, she must went to work but she (forcefully) took her day off. We went there by Grab taxi. I suggest you to be careful if you using this application, especially determining your pick up and drop off point. That time, I chose Mercure Bali Legian as the pick up point. It cost around 300k rupiah, but when I changed it to Circle K near the hotel, it was only 127K rupiah. So, I recommend you to choose an ordinary place, like Indomart or at least a cafe. When I changed it again to Mercure Hotel and checked it, it said “high cost with high demand” kind of thing. Once again I tell you, don’t ever choose a hotel or any similar place as your pick up or drop off point.

In Ubud, we stay at Deta Junjungan Rice Field Villa. To be honest, we booked it the night before this short escape and we were lucky because we got a room. I and her were doubt this place before. It was a villa but we just have to spend 350k/ night. In your mind, what kind of place would be? And we got more terrified because it was far from the center of Ubud and we kind of lost. We couldn’t find the place. The name tag was inconspicuous.

When we finally found it and got inside…. we were amazed.

IMG_4741This place was clean and homey and only us who stayed there. In my mind, this villa is suit for a couple who have their honeymoon or for family vacation. There are some facilities you can get such as of course a bedroom and a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, a private pool!!, and you get free shuttle to Ubud. The view there was relaxing and it was quiet.

After we dropped our things, we went to Kakiang Bakery and Resto to have lunch. Thanks to Melisa and Kezia, the regular customers who introduced me there. The first time I came here was last June. They brought me here from Legian (!!) For just having diner that time. This place gave me a good impression, so when Melisa asked me again to came there and I agreed. This is like Parsley in Jogja.

At the first floor they serve breads and cakes. The resto is at the second floor. There are western foods, such as pasta, pizza, steak and asian food. I ate spaghetti bolognese last time, so I tried spicy & spinach.

IMG_4751It was served with tomato sauce (again). I don’t like tomato sauce but it was better than spaghetti bolognese. For drink you can choose a glass of water and you can refill it, too.

On that day, we were supposed to go to Museum Don Antonio Blanco, but when we got there it was already closed. Lucky me, I visited there when I came to Ubud last June. It is an art museum. Just like in Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Bali, the museum has a garden, a main building and some small buildings which also have some paintings in it. You can take some picture in these buildings, but not at the main. I also found a peacock and some parrots at the garden. For a local tourist, i just spent 30k to get inside.

I also went to Monkey Forest that time, before I went to museum. I also spent 30k rupiah to get inside. I suggest you to read about the rules before you continue your way because it guide you to explore the forest safely. I saw some people who were chased after by the monkeys or at least they were being disturbed while I walked freely and happily there. The forest was huge enough and cool. Sadly, I went there alone that time so I couldn’t take any photo of mine. It was silly if I did solo selfie.

Well, back to past present. You can go to museum Antonio by taking a walk, but it was around 2 km. I love to take a walk because I can have sightseeing along the way.

There’s also a good spot when you getting near the museum and you can also crossed this bridge.

Anyway, when we walked back to the center of Ubud, there’s a dog which keep following us. She’s so cute I want to have it.



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