What a pity, Jogja

2016-03-12 21.55.48

Image source: Dagelan


I think it had already became 90% right now.


This afternoon I looked for another place for me to live. I can’t live here anymore the water is getting dirtier. My face and my body are itching and the acnes has started to appear again. It’s hard to find a proper place to live right now. The word proper means the rental fee.

The places I surveyed then were cost 800.000 rupiah to almost 2 millions rupiah. I have no idea why Jogja became like this.  I just pay 650.000 rupiah for my place right now and I got the whole facilities. Furniture, wifi, drink water, laundry, and it includes electric bill. But this place became expensive, too. I had this fee because I lived here since freshman year. This fee is used to be expensive if you compared with my friend’s. They only spent 400.000 – 300.000, even around 200.000 rupiah, but right now if you found the same rental fee like mine, it’s magical.. There are only a few and it’s far from the main road.

I thought about something when I was going back to my place then. Why this town changed? Why it changed to please the outsider? Why this town changed because most of students nowadays came from a rich family? Why this town, as a landlord, should be adaptive to these outsider? It SHOULD BE us being adaptive to Jogja’s lifestyle. Really, I truly and totally H.A.V.E. N.O. I.D.E.A.


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