A little flashback


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Today I mostly spent my time with Asma’s relatives. She left me to Brebes -_-. Her relatives are still in 3rd or 4th grade. When I saw them playing, I remember my childhood moments with my brothers. We usually spend the time by do running competition, cycling, do some sports like football, batminton, skipping, do something like pilates, even fighting. Maybe because I regularly have a fight with them, literally fight, I can punch and kick someone.

I miss that moment when I lived happily. When I had a hard time, there are always my parents to solve the problems. I can’t be like that anymore.

At that time I always wanted to grow up. Go anywhere far from home, I can do anything I want, I will have my own money and buy anything I like. But now, when I’ve grown up, I want to bring my old life back. I want to be a little girl again because I didn’t have to think about anything. I didn’t have to worry about life. I didn’t have  to think about the future. I didn’t have to think about love. I didn’t have to think about the past. I just have to live my life without worries, just some trivial problems about fighting with my brothers or my friends. And being stubborn and make my mom mad at me xD


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