Back to Heaven’s Light

Once in a dream, I saw you telling me

That you’ve traveled in the dark

Just to find that little spot

How you’d settle for a lightIn the vastness of the night

Then I saw some tears were coming from you eyes

As you said you’d found your paradise

And I began to ask you : why you have to cry ?


And now, it’s so dreamlike I hear you telling me

It’s been such a perfect grace; it’s been such a perfect place

To be in my heart at last, and have angels singing you a song

As you see the tears are falling from my eyes

When you say I am your paradise

You smile and ask me: Why I have to cry ?


It’s a journey, you say, an illusion of a journey

Now you can’t see where it ends and where it starts

It’s our life and our love that you wish to have,where you wish to be


In this tiny spark of memory, mortality

What’s left for me to do is to welcome you home

Back to my heart, back to heaven’s light

Back to my heart, and we’re never apart

And it’s time for me to say goodbye to those eyes

To let you go so sleeplike and hear you whisper;Why we have to cry?


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