Autumn Once More – Various Writer


229 pages

Published: 2014

Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Genre: Fiction, Romance

Cinta < adj >: suka sekali; sayang benar; kasih sekali; terpikat.

Ada bahagia dan kepedihan dalam cinta. Cinta yang terpendam menimbulkan resah, pengkhianatan pun tak lepas dari cinta, atau bahkan cinta berlebihan sehingga menyesakkan. Galau dan rindu pun dituturkan dalam ribuan kata di buku ini.

Autumn Once More membawa kita ke banyak sisi cinta dari kumpulan pengarang, mulai dari pengarang profesional hingga editor yang harus jadi pengarang “dadakan” dan menunjukkan kreativitas mereka dalam tema abadi sepanjang masa.

Inilah tumpahan rasa dan obsesi karya aliaZalea, Anastasia Aemilia, Christina Juzwar, Harriska Adiati, Hetih Rusli, Ika Natassa, Ilana Tan, Lea Agustina Citra, Meilia Kusumadewi, Nina Addison, Nina Andiana, Rosi L. Simamora, dan Shandy Tan. (Goodreads).


My Thoughts:

This book containts 10 short stories and 2 of them came from The Indonesian Best Seller Authors, Ika Natassa and Ilana Tan. One short story written by Indonesian author, too, she’s quite famous here, AliaZalea. The rest of them came from publishing editors and the authors I’ve just known.

I love these stories, these love stories, except the last one. Sorry. After I read this book I knew that Critical Eleven originally was a short story. Ika developed it into a novel. Ilana Tan gave us a side story of Tatsuya Fujisawa and Tara Dupont. I still feel sorry for them. How such a sweet story should be tragically ended. It’s like after I read Notasi. I can’t move on from Autumn in Paris and keep asking myself why? Why should he die? Well, back to the main topic. And after read Autumn Once More, I knew that being an editor we must, not only know about grammar and vocabularies, but have an ability of writing a story, too. How could you judge whether a story is worth to be published of you don’t know how should it be written?

It’ll be a long review because there are, oh after I counted it, 13 stories. But I think I will just write about my favorites. You will get bored to read this if I write about them all and I fingers will get sore because I type to much..

  1. Thirty Something – Anastasia Aemilia

Hah.. here come a secret love story between friends. Rachel and Erik, bestfriends since high school. In this story Erik was going to Japan while incidentally Rachel got engaged to another man on the same day of Erik’s farewell party. It’s a good story if someone write it into a novel, or should I do it? I want to make this clear because the author didn’t make a clear ending.

  1. Stuck With You – Christina Juzwar

Nah! This is my favorite humor short story in this book. Actually it was a common story, I bet you have met this kind of plot. A new worker who hate her cold – nonchalan boss, she likes a nice guy, apparently the cold – nonchalan is actually a good man and the nice guy is actually a jerk. The boss likes her, too and they are finally dating. Done. But I don’t know.. I didn’t get bored of this one. Maybe because sometimes we need a story we exactly know where it goes, in Bahasa we call it bacaan ringan. We don’t need to think or guess. We just read and that’s it, especially there were some funny scenes in it. We just read and laugh at it.

  1. Her Footprints on His Heart – Lea Agustina Citra.

There’s a line at the end of this story, “Dipersembahkan untuk orang – orang muda di masa lalu, apakah kalian sudah berbahagia sekarang?” but this is not a story about the past, it was just about a girl who haunted by her worry about her fiance’s ex. The ex suddenly appear after she left a long time ago.

  1. Love is A Verb – Meilia Kusumadewi

This one lets us see the meaning of love. If you read it you might think that this one is too childish. I mean the female character, but did you ever do the things like she did? How do you know if someone loves you? When he/she says the word? When he/she does everything you wish?  When he/she shows it publicly? I got a point that love is not something should’ve been showed off. When someone loves you, he/she will show it only to you.

  1. The Unexpected Surprise – Nina Addison

My last favorite story. The one which different. Every short story in this book talked about the love between lovers. This one talked about the love between mother and daughter. I love and hate the story like this. I love it because the story of relationship between parents and the children must be a great story. I hate it because I’m very sensitive to this kind of story. The family love. The genuine one and it’s always touchy. This story told us to look and come closer because everything is not always as what it seems.


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