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Last Saturday was my first time to join English Zone in Faculty of Biology, my former college. This community was found by Fajar. He is one of my friends in my batch. When I joint to the Whatsapp group I was shocked because apparently there are a large number of member there. It was around a hundred members.

On that day they didn’t have a common regular activity because the members were unable to attend the meeting. Some of the members were on duty of being the committee of Science Competition which held in our faculty

We were supposed to have a discussion about a topic “Visa free for foreigners from a certain nationality who come to Indonesia”. But because of the condition, in the end we only talked about the topic of speaking test in IELTS academic test and Fajar gave me his note about the criteria of LPDP awardee from the reviewer judgement.

LPDP is a government organization which arrange educational finance as a scholarship. Several years ago there were just a few people knew about this program, but nowadays the scholarship program in LPDP became popular. They grant the scholarship to anyone who wants to continue their study in master and doctoral degree, either in Indonesia or study abroad.

In Fajar’s note I read some point of criteria the reviewer look for in each candidates. First, they look for a candidate who has entrepreneur and leadership spirit. They also look for a candidate who love and able to communicate and share anything to people. Fajar added that volunteering experience is really important because it shows your commitment to this country. And the biggest chance to determine whether you were deserve to be granted or not is the interview session. In addition, to be granted the scholarship you have to be excellent.

We also talked about the news of some awardees were threatened to be dropped out or it is possible they were already dropped out from one of university abroad. The reason is because they unable to survive in the study environment there. The education system in another country is different compared to here. From Fajar point of view the system is similar to the system in Faculty of Medicine in Indonesia. They use block system. It means we have about two until four weeks to study, either in class or self study; paperwork and group discussion included, and then we have examination. So, it is a really hard work to study abroad.

I remember what Mervin, the representative of NuficNeso, asked us on the NuficNeso presentation three days ago in UGM. He asked, “Why do you study abroad?” it was a simple question with many version of answers, but the question is the key. It will be your motivation. If you answer you want to study abroad because you want to travel or having international experience is not strong enough. The key is ‘why’ or it is possible ‘what’. What are you looking for there? What is your plan to get something you look for? What are you going to do after you got the thing you have looked for?

Studying abroad is a really big challenge. It is a really big decision. So, before you step in the process you have to really look into yourself and find your real intention to answer “Why do you study abroad?”


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