Lesson Learnt

Eight days before new year and I got a little lesson today and it brought me to ease.


I have to say that my parents once against me to pursue my master degree, mainly when they found out I want to continue my study abroad. It was because they have limited a budget for me – you know the fee for IELTS preparation and test, it costs nearly 6 million rupiah – and I also feel guilty if I asked them for such a money while I supposed to get a job.

Another reason was I didn’t tell them about scholarship. They thought I want to study by using their financial support and they mind it. It was chaotic because once again I have a fight with them for the same reason. But after I explained to them that I will get a scholarship as a foundation for my study, the tension between me and my parents was finally decreasing.

I would say I’m a fighter. I fight for anything I want. I also am stubborn. I won’t listen to anyone’s opinion and advice because I always think that they don’t understand me. I always against them. But today – this evening when I talked to my mom and sister – that moment proved me wrong. Having conversation with my family doesn’t only comfort me, but also motivates me. And it became much.. far much better when my mom said that “Go and get that scholarship, but use the free time while waiting for the acceptance to work.”

I hope when after I throw all these burdens from me, the good things would finally come.


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