Wattpad Review: Resign – Almira Bastari

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288 pages
Published: January 2018
Publisher: Gramedia (originally from Wattpad)
Genre: Young adult, romace comedy
Language: Indonesian


Kompetisi sengit terjadi di sebuah kantor konsultan di Jakarta. Pesertanya adalah para cungpret, alias kacung kampret. Yang mereka incar bukanlah penghargaan pegawai terbaik, jabatan tertinggi, atau bonus terbesar, melainkan memenangkan taruhan untuk segera resign!

Cungpret #1: Alranita
Pegawai termuda yang tertekan akibat perlakuan sang bos yang semena-mena.

Cungpret #2: Carlo
Pegawai yang baru menikah dan ingin mencari pekerjaan dengan gaji lebih tinggi.

Cungpret #3: Karenina
Pegawai senior yang selalu dianggap tidak becus tapi terus-menerus dijejali proyek baru.

Cungpret #4: Andre
Pegawai senior kesayangan si bos yang berniat resign demi dapat menikmati kehidupan keluarga yang lebih normal dan seimbang.

Sang Bos: Tigran
Pemimpin genius, misterius, dan arogan, tapi sukses dipercaya untuk memimpin timnya sendiri pada usianya yang masih cukup muda.

Resign sebenarnya tidak sulit dilakukan. Namun kalau kamu memiliki bos yang punya radar sangat kuat seperti Tigran, semua usahamu pasti akan terbaca olehnya. Pertanyaannya, siapakah yang akan menang?

My thoughts:

I am rarely enchanted by the story in Wattpad although I’ve read hundreds of them. I must admit the stories in the platform were interesting and somehow fresh if you  found a good/unique one. As an example, an Indonesian written story called Resign by Amira Bastari.

Just like its title, Resign tells us about an effort of some employees to get out of their current job. The reason was simple, because they were mad of their boss, who was perfectionist and blunt. Neither of them were successful of attending an interview of their prospect job due to the boss’ intervention. However, those moments were the main focus of Resign made this story really great. It showed the strong bond among the team members.

Yes, the most entertaining about this book was its humour. Moreover, you will find some other funny moments in the characters’ interaction, gossips, and in the main characters’ romance, too. In addition, at the very first page of each new chapter you will be given such a funny yet (sometimes) sarcastic quotes.

What I like about this story was it is very suitable for young adults who are currently working. It will help you reduce your stress level and in my view, it will give you another glance of working environment in a company. I kind of wished that I would meet Carlo, Rara, Andre, Karen, even Tigran in real life. I love their relationship in the office even though they seem offended each other. On the other hand, I was also fond of the way the author wrote this story. It was easily understood, so if you want to have a casual reading after a long and shitty days, this could be a choice.




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