1001 Questions: “What was on your mind when you woke up this morning?” -Lala Bohang

When I woke up this morning I barely remember the thing that stuck in my mind. There were times when I would remember them, but I mostly didn’t. Discussing this topic would lead the audience in having two kind of anticipations, it could be related to sleeping quality or productivity.

Having something in mind could mean that you are facing some problems, either it’s something from work, school, or your relationship with people around you. Moreover, whether you realize it, you are afraid/at least worry about the problems, too.

Let’s say that you have an assignment from your teacher to wirte a story, then you probably think about the idea anytime and anywhere until you get one. Specially, if you have an issue with creative thinking, you might work harder than any of your friends. In addition, due to its tight deadline you even think about the assignment in your sleep because you are afraid you might not make it. From my experience, this kind of fear probably haunt me in my dream, so in the next morning it would be my alarm to get up. As the effect, I would be exhausted because I didn’t have a good sleep in the previous night.

Otherwise, having something in mind means that you have plan for your day. So, you know exactly what you are going to do to start and spend your time. As an illustration, you have made a plan to bake a cake. Therefore, when you are wake up this morning you might think that you should go to supermarket and buy the ingredients before you start working.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you woke up with or without something in your mind. It’s neither an obligation nor something we must avoid because it just come naturally. Having a positive mind at the beginning of your day is certainly nice, but if you accidentally get the negative one, then it would be pleasant if you try to control it. You can try to take a little time to relax or meditate. As an alternative, listening to your favorite music might be helpful, too.


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