1001 Questions: “How will you spend your old age?” -Lala Bohang

I think this topic is a little bit hard to think about. It will be around 25-30 years from now and I’m not sure whether I could live until the next few decades.

I saw a statement in Jouska, said that, we should make a plan for our retirement as early as possible, especially preparing the financial plans. We need to consider it since the beginning of our career due to the inflation that keeps increasing. If we only think about our short term plan, then it would be too hard to start taking care of our retirement, although we have been saving money. Thus, instead of fulfuling our desire to have an outstanding lifestyle while we are young, we have been advised to save money for emergency, make a financial plan for our short term goal, retirement, and make some investment.

In my view, if I start preparing my old days right now then I would like to plan living in a peaceful county. There would be some occasions when I travel abroad and see what had been changing, if I still have the energy. However, I don’t want to do it alone, but with my husband/partner. So, let’s pray that I would get someone that could be my partner in crime as well.

In my old days, I want to be someone who (if I decided to have ones) have a strong bond with my children, especially grandchildren because I’ve never experienced such a moment with my grandparents. I don’t want them to see me as just their grandmother (especially with a stiff relationship), but also their friend. I don’t mind them being outspoken. I would love it  instead because they have courage to speak up their mind. I want them to share their stories and problems. Since I thought I would never make my childish character disappear, then I would love to become their ally and make their parents as our opponents.

If I still have a chance to live this life until the next two or three decades, I want to spend my life in a place that serves a beautiful sunset, a place where I could easily access the beach, and somewhere lavender grows. I just want simple days, but meaningful. I just want to see everything I have never seen when I was young. And, I want to spend my little time in a place where I truly belong.


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