This year might be tough. I need to deal with my personal issues, running back and forth to various hospitals, checking this and that, struggle with my works, and many more

But, despite of the struggle. I’m glad that I finally get a chance to meet my old friends. Starting my own project even if it’s still not that productive. I finally moved back to Tangerang, and what even funny is I dreamt of having an apartment unit and here I am, although it’s just a rent.

Once Morra Quatro said, sometimes something happens when we already gave in. Since early 2020s until at the end of this year, I can say that God have granted me my old wishes, dreams, or even it was just day dreams, when I don’t think about them anymore. I even have forgotten about some of them.

If you wonder whether I made resolution, I didn’t. I used to make some, but I stopped because my own expectation hurts me. And sometimes it hurt a lot. So, I just let it be. Go with the wind. Que sera sera a.k.a terserah.

I just do things which are right in front of me. If I’m interested or I want to do new things, I just do it. If then I found it’s not like what I’ve anticipated, I don’t mind to stop. What’s the point of wasting my time on something unnecessary? If I see an opportunity, then I take the chance. If I’m failed, so what? Because I believe God knows best for me or maybe it’s not the time yet. If somethings are really meant to be mine, then I’ll eventually get it.

Just like Mitch Alboom said, it’s never too late or too soon. It’s when it’s supposed to be…


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